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Our History

PowerHouse Technology has been providing spare parts for solid fuel-fired furnace systems and factories for over thirty-five years.  Originating in Canandaigua, NY, and later moving to Farmington, NY, we have remained an Ontario County-based company since our start. We have grown from two to over 15 employees today, continually seeking to expand and serve our customers with a forward-thinking, friendly attitude.

Powerhouse Today

PowerHouse Technology is a Western New York producer of replacement parts for boilers and combustion-related equipment used in systems for heating, industrial processing, and electrical power generation. Our principal customers include industrial power plants, municipal utilities, co-generators, waste-to-energy plants, pulp and paper mills, grain processor plants, universities, institutions, and independent power producers. We strongly believe in the quality and reliability of our products, and most importantly in being responsive to our customers’ needs and requests.

Our employees include a highly trained staff of engineering, manufacturing, and technical service specialists who are committed to maintaining the highest level of quality in our products and service. We are dedicated to solving your problems and offering solutions that save you time, and money.

At PowerHouse Technology, we know you are under budgetary constraints to keep your plant maintenance costs down, and your efficiency high. To assist you with this enormous task, we offer high-quality castings and fabrications for a great price and timely delivery.

Why Choose PowerHouse

  • Quality, Price, & Availability: We provide the optimum balance between these three most important elements of service to every customer.
  • Time-saving:  Our goal is always to save you money and time by delivering parts and components that exceed our customers’ expectations the first time.
  • Ready-to-Ship Inventory: We maintain an extensive, ready-to-ship inventory for critical components of most systems. By maintaining our available inventory, we save you time and resources. 
  • Communication: We strongly believe in good communication and healthy client relationships.
  • Reputation: Our reputation speaks for itself. Our customers have benefited from our services for decades. They choose to keep us on speed-dial.

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Customer Commitment

At PowerHouse Technology, we are committed to maintaining the highest level of quality in our products and service. We’re dedicated to solving your problems and offering solutions that fit your specific needs. We care more about long-term relationships than we do about an order. We understand the critical nature of timing and efficiency. Your outage is our highest priority! Read our Quality Control statement here.