CFB & BFB Nozzles & Other Parts

Know Your Nozzles

Powerhouse Technology produces replacement CFB (Circulating Fluidized Bed) and BFB (Bubbling Fluidized Bed) nozzles for all major circulating fluidized bed boiler designs.

All plants are different. Each plant has unique and specific differences regarding fuel source, operations, climate and demand. These differences cause plant engineers and operators to adjust many features of their combustion system. The primary air nozzle/tuyere is fairly simple to adjust.

Powerhouse Technology has a worldwide reputation for assisting plant engineers and operators with customizations to their furnaces and boilers. Common customizations include material upgrades, airport angle and dimensional modifications (supply and vent), wall thickness, and adding change out features for seamless removal and reinstallation.

We produce nozzles and/or tuyeres for common and uncommon OEMS such as:

  • B&W
  • Foster Wheeler
  • PyroPower
  • EPI
  • OutoTec
  • Riley

As well as various other manufacturers including obsoleted or tough to find OEMS.

Arrowhead Nozzles

The nozzle sports a literal arrow-head shape. Air travels up through center pipe and vents through two smaller holes. It is mounted on a larger air supply plenum.

This design was created by an early pioneer in the CFB space. It was designed as a very common and simple design for air distribution. Its efficient and inexpensive. Its a proven technological design and its robust.

For this nozzle type, Powerhouse can:

– Add locking and unlocking feature for easy removal and reinstallation
– Upgrade material to increase life and reduce wear
– Modify air hole angle/size


Directional Nozzles

This nozzle is designed to direct airflow in a desired direction. It helps to adjust air patterns in the firebox to improve fluidization, eliminate dead zones and push debris towards drainage points.

For this nozzle type, Powerhouse can:

– Modify air flow patterns
– Upgrade material
– Fabricate a taller or shorter stem
– Add simple attachment mechanisms

Club Nozzles

This nozzle, quite literally shaped like a “club,” is another early pioneer of CFB combustion. It possesses all the same overarching features of an arrowhead nozzle, and is designed this way to fit the underlying firebox design.

For this nozzle type, Powerhouse can:

-Modify air flow patterns
– Upgrade material
– Fabricate a taller or shorter stem
– Add simple attachment mechanisms


Bubbling Bed Nozzles

A bed nozzle ignites and combusts in a slow moving bed with little fluidization. It provides combustion air and helps with the fluidization to evenly distribute the air in the bed and burn the fuel.

For this nozzle type, Powerhouse can:

– Modify the air flow pattern
– Upgrade the material
– Fabricate a taller or shorter stem
– Add a simple attachment mechanism


Misc. Nozzles / Custom Work

Powerhouse’s inventory is stocked with Cactus, Lilypad, baseball, mushroom, ball, directional, clubhead, arrowhead OFA, Elbow nozzles, and we also have the capabilities to fabricate custom nozzles, even if the particular part is obsolete. Our gallery includes a custom pipe Nozzle with two diameters to fit various sized pipes.

Other CFB Parts

Tuyeres, Vortex Finders, Hangers, Floor Plates

In many situations, we analyze and fine-tune alloying elements to produce a superior metallurgical solution for the requested part, which results in performance standards that surpass that of our competitors’ products.

Some of the metallurgical alloys we offer for production of our CFB parts include: HT, HK, HK-40, HH, 309, 316, 317, super alloys, and custom alloys.

  • Alstom
  • B&W
  • CPC
  • Combustion Power
  • Foster Wheeler
  • Pyropower
  • Tampella/ Keeler