1) Why should I order parts from Powerhouse rather than the OEM?

Powerhouse has produced parts for over 30 years. We have one of the best QC processes in the industry. Every shipment is inspected and documented.

2) Who uses Powerhouse Technology?

We are a qualified current supplier for many Fortune 500 companies, US Government, Major Utilities and over 600 other customers world-wide.

3) How do I know Powerhouse parts will fit?

We have CAD prints on every part we produce. They are constantly updated. If there is a question, we will gladly provide samples and references.

4) Can you redesign the parts to make them fit better?

Yes we can, that is one of the advantages of using Powerhouse. We are able to customize the parts to your application, and can also provide material upgrades as needed.

5) Will you stock parts for me?

Yes, Powerhouse Technology provides guaranteed stocking and consignment services. Please discuss that need with your salesperson when quoting/ordering.

6) How fast can you fulfill my order?

We can provide most requests from inventory with same day shipping. Custom parts (castings or fabrications) can be produced as required on an emergency basis.

7) Do you offer turn-key outage support?

Yes, this is a service that Powerhouse Technology, Inc. supplies on a normal basis for our customers. We have service specialist that can be at your site with-in 48 hours if needed.

8) I know the OEM parts will fit, why should I change?

Using one supplier for critical parts creates a reliability on only one vendor, in an emergency situation, it is better to have a multi-source approach rather than single source. Sourcing parts at Powerhouse Technology, Inc. you will find that our pricing is extremely competitive and many times less than the market price. We find that an OEM will also give you better pricing if they know they have competition. Using Powerhouse, you get the benefit of our field experience and sharing of upgrades and improvements. Call us today to find out how we can help you!

9) Can we visit Powerhouse Tech for an inspection or an informal tour?

a. Of course! We are very happy to host our customers. We have successfully completed many quality audits under the scrutiny of some of the harshest standards in manufacturing.
b. We are located in the Finger Lakes of Western NY, about 20 miles SE of Rochester, 80 Miles from Niagara Falls, 60 miles from Watkins Glen. Please plan to enjoy our region for a few days.