Powerhouse and Plant Maintenance

Replacement Parts Specialists
for Powerhouse and Plant Maintenance

We are a western New York based producer of replacement parts for boilers and combustion related equipment, used in systems for heating, industrial processing, and electrical power generation. At Powerhouse Technology we’ve been providing spare parts for ash handling and fuel handling systems for over thirty years. Our principal customers include industrial power plants, municipal utilities, co-generators, waste-to-energy plants, pulp and paper mills, universities, and independent power producers.

We strongly believe in the quality and reliability of our products, and most importantly in being responsive to our customers’ needs and requests.

Our employees include a highly trained staff of engineering, sales, manufacturing and technical service specialists who are committed to maintaining the highest level of quality in our products and service.

We are dedicated to solving your problems and offering solutions that not only save you time, but most importantly money.

At Powerhouse Technology, we know you are under budgetary constraints to keep your boiler maintenance costs down, and your efficiency high. To assist you with this enormous task, we offer high quality castings and fabrications for an honest price and timely delivery.

What We Do

Powerhouse Technology produces replacement parts for OEM components and assemblies. Many parts are in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

Our experienced engineering staff analyzes the metallurgy of the parts before production to determine if the materials being used are the best suited for the application. In many cases we adjust alloying elements to produce a superior metallurgy solution that in most cases may cut costs, enhance boiler performance, and extend the service life.

All components sold by Powerhouse Technology undergo a thorough inspection at our facility before shipment to assure that all parts meet or exceed OEM specifications and customer expectations.

Replacement Parts


    We hold several US patents on stoker grate innovations.

    • Grate Bars
    • Grate Guide
    • Grate Rack T-bar
    • Tuyeres
    • Pre-stretched Chains
    • Drive Sprockets
    • Idler Sprockets and Shafts
    • Drive Sprockets and Shafts
    • Rails
    • Bearing Stands

    Grate Guide Assembly

    FB Arrowhead

    Ash Systems

    We specialize in conveyor parts and ash handling system parts.

    • Ash Pipe
    • Ash Pipe Fittings
    • Ash Eductor Body
    • Ash Re-injection Nozzle

    Ash Eductor

    Solid Fuel Feeders

    • Slinger Chain
    • Feeder Housings
    • Rotor Drums
    • Feeder Paddles

    Micromill Coal Rotor


    Powerhouse Technology Will Keep Your Powerhouse Running at Peak Performance

    Services and Solutions

      Pattern Making Capabilities

      We produce industrial patterns for castings from wood, iron, aluminum, and urethane. Working in conjunction with foundries, we can provide a cost-effective solution of the highest quality that fits the customer‘s needs.

      Grate Drive Sprocket

        Casting Production

        Powerhouse Technology supplies castings in any ferrous and non-ferrous alloy. Some of the common alloys produced by Powerhouse are, temperature resistant cast iron, temperature resistant ductile iron, high temperature steel, and high temperature stainless steel.

        End Seal Grate

          Outage Planning

          Our technical service specialists will provide a pre-outage inspection to ensure that all necessary parts and personnel are on site before work begins. During the outage, our staff will ensure the parts are properly installed and tested before start-up of your system.

          Proven Experience with pre-outage inspections for a variety of plants/facilities:

          *Hog Fuel

          CFB Directional Nozzle

            Equipment Rebuilding

            Our staff of master mechanics can rebuild all types of combustion, ash handling and fuel handling systems. We can perform on site work, as well as in-house repairs because our staff has extensive knowledge and expertise in working with products produced by major boiler manufacturers.

            Coal Feeder

              Maintenance and Repairs

              Whether it is routine maintenance or emergency repairs, our technical service specialists provide everything from design, site supervision, and labor to quality replacement parts for getting the job done properly and on time. We’ll provide the service necessary to get your system back on line right when you need it. Submit a Maintenance and Replacement Parts request form here.