Our Commitment to Quality Control

Maintaining Our Quality Control Policies

From municipal utilities, to waste-to-energy processors, to industrial power: it’s a given – if your plant is using a furnace, the parts need to work.

Power House Technology comprehends your parts need to be machined to exact specifications and need to be “built to last.”

That’s why quality comes first for us.

Our Quality Control Expertise

If you don’t have quality, you don’t have anything. Our dedication to quality control ensures that the streamlined production of your custom part or product meets your industry criteria.

Powerhouse Technology is ISO compliant and adheres to the outlined guidelines for all quality processes. We provide onsite inspection of every part we produce, as well as every product we source from our trusted list of manufacturers. Being ISO compliant allows us to support a wider range of customers and custom projects, while keeping costs low for you.

We have over thirty-five years of experience and expertise in our field. Our Quality Control Department staff is well-trained and has backgrounds in drafting, engineering, inspection processes, and quality control/assurance.

Our Quality Control Equipment

Being able to produce quality products depends on the quality of the equipment used. We use top rated equipment to make sure your part is produced to the precise specifications detailed in the CAD design. Adherence to our quality control systems allows us to achieve the same accurate results every time. 

We have a ROMER arm 3D scanner that can produce a precise 3D model of a part, which can then be used to reproduce the exact part later on, facilitating a faster turnaround time for product creation.

We also take the 3D model maintained by SolidWorks and cross reference that with the ROMER arm to verify any differences that may exist in tolerance measurements or form to ensure the part is true to print.

When creating your product, we use a metallurgical scanner or a laser scanner gun to ensure the correct percentages of each particular metal type being used. For the custom metal parts we produce, this equipment ensures the chemical makeup of the metal up to 1/10th of a percent of accuracy.

When you choose to work with Powerhouse Technology, you can expect the best.

Our customer service, quality assurance processes, and expertise in our industry is what you can rely on when placing your custom order.

Want to know more about our dedication to quality? Contact us today to learn more!