AIS Compliant Stainless Steel Flange Fittings

A Leading suite of quality cast Stainless stainless steel pipe fittings for boiler and furnace applications. Made in the USA.

No minimal volume on production runs, and we gladly accommodate special customization requests. Read on, or contact us for an estimate!

Product Line Of Fittings Includes:

  • Carbon steel flanged fittings
  • NPT fittings
  • Pipe fittings
  • Concentric reducing fittings
  • Other threaded fittings cast in all grades and alloy steels


All items are cast to the appropriate ASTM specifications including, but not limited to the following: A296, A297, A743, A744, A447, A560, A351

Fitting Dimensions

All dimensions are governed by ANSI B16.5. SCH. 40 (150#) – SCH.80 (300#)

Available Alloys

We maintain extensive stocks of 304-316 Alloy 20-MONEL and HASTELLOYS. Upon request, we can furnish heat and corrosion resistant fittings in all ferrite-base, nickel-base and cobalt-base alloys.

Customized Requests

Special items of an unusal size, shape or material are available by request up to 30″ pipe size.


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Our customer service, quality assurance processes, and expertise in our industry is what you can rely on when placing your custom order.

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